English Day

Welcome on board! Let’s travel around the world at YKH Airport!

Students arrived at the departure hall and checked in at the front gate in the morning. Every student got a special boarding pass and travelled around the world by YKH Airlines in one day. What a fascinating journey!

In the auditorium, our student passengers immersed themselves in diverse cultures and engaged in meaningful conversations with native English speakers around the world.

At the boarding gates, the English ambassadors hosted hallway game booths which our student passengers took part in various interesting English games.

On the plane, our student passengers practised everyday English for use while travelling. Besides, our teacher flight attendant or pilot played interactive games with the student passengers. All of them had a fabulous time on the way to their final destination.

After we bid farewell to our new acquaintance, we headed back to Hong Kong. In the blink of an eye, we turned up at the arrival hall at YKH Airport.

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