Posties Speech Contest

5E Chan Pak Hei, 6C Cheng Yi Yan and 6F Lam Wai Kiu took part in the Inter-School Posties Speech Contest on 11th April, 2021. Among the eight finalists, they were the remaining three contestants who advanced to the Championship Final round on the same day. 


(from left to right) 

1st runner up in P.5-P.6 Verse Speaking: 

6F Lam Wai Kiu, Marsha 


Merit in P.5-P.6 Verse Speaking: 

5E Chan Pak Hei, Ronnie 


One of the Top 8 finalists in P.5-P.6 Verse Speaking:

6C Cheng Yi Yan, Hailey


Results were announced in Posties on 12th May, 2021. 

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