P.2 School Tour with Mr. Morgan

2B students took a tour of the school with Mr. Morgan.  Here are the students having fun in the Music Room.

Miss Wong and her 2B class are enjoying their time in the Music Room!

Here, students learned about growing vegetables and recycling to keep green. Students visited the library to learn about how to check out books.
Students visited our school green house to learn about what we can grow year-round. Students are filling out their school map while taking a tour of all the different classrooms.
Mr. Wong is teaching his class about recycling in the Green Zone. Class 2D celebrates finishing their tour outside of the School Hall.
Class 2C poses outside of the school playground on a beautiful day. A student is deep in thought while taking the tour of the school facilities.
Students pass the library on their way around the school. A group of girls write down the correct classrooms on their school map.


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