70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival Awardees

Congratulations! The hard work of both our students and English teachers was not in vain. After a huge effort, our students have achieved wonderful results in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival this year.

We have 3 champions, 2 1st runners- up, 9 2nd runners-up and 51 students who have got Merits.

4B Cheng Yi Yan
4D Chow Lok Ching
5E Lau Pui Hei
1st runners- up
3A Wan Tsz Lok
4F Lam Wai Kiu
2nd runners-up
2A Lin Yan Yuet Grace
2D Cheung Tobias
3B Chan Pak Hei
4A Li Wing Yi
4A Lin Sum Yuet Mary
4C But Yui Chit
5A Sun Chi Yan
5C Wong Ching Kiu
5F Lee Hei Yin
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